Calling All Teachers! Join Booklandia's Teacher Program!


Join Booklandia's Teacher Program!

Booklandia is bridging the gap in Spanish and Bilingual literacy for young readers. We provide a subscription service of authentic Bilingual and Spanish children's and young adult books.

By participating in this program all teachers who subscribe will receive 30% off their monthly box of choice and 50% shipping: Retail: $34.95 including shipping Your Price: $24.45

Booklandia will provide teachers with digital flyers to send home to families.

Each subscription added through the teacher (codes will be provided) will give the teacher 10 points.  Refer another teacher get 30 points! When the teacher earns 70 points she/he will receive their Booklandia box free for the following month.

Sign up today by filling out this form.

For questions or more information please email us at











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